South East Sustainability Cluster

HPBA and LEO Wexford are delighted to introduce the South East Sustainability Cluster.  This cluster is open to SMEs and large businesses within the sustainability sector. The cluster will provide a neutral space for businesses to come together to:

  • Connect the Ecosystem
  • Collectively address challenges and opportunities
  • Build resilience and capacity for SMEs
  • Bid for funding as a consortia
  • And, as HPBA is an international centre of excellence, connecting with initiatives abroad.

For further information, or to join the cluster, please contact, or

Each week we will introduce you to a cluster member, starting this week with Veri Connect.

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In addition to environmental stewardship, we recognise the pressing need for climate action. Our Accredited Climate Action 101 will help your staff understand better interventions for mitigation and adaptation strategies Climate Action. Specifically for their upcoming ESG, CSRD and other requirements or as suppliers to large corporates that must fulfil these guidelines.

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