Mandi Stewart

Introducing our visionary leader, Mandi Stewart, CEO of the High Performance Building Alliance.

Mandi stands at the helm of our organisation, poised to guide us into a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and impactful change. With all the vital elements for success firmly in place—an exceptional board, visionary directors, and the resounding endorsement of esteemed entities such as Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government, and the UNECE—Mandi’s leadership is the catalyst propelling us to new heights.

With over 25 years of distinguished expertise cultivated in international arenas, Mandi is no stranger to the complexities of driving strategic and cultural transformation. Her career has been marked by a steadfast commitment to effecting meaningful change across diverse sectors, both public and private. As an adept coach and mentor, she brings a passion for empowering others to excel, guiding them towards realising their full potential.

But perhaps most compelling is Mandi’s unwavering dedication to driving change and delivering tangible results. Her leadership is not merely about rhetoric—it’s about action, about translating vision into reality, and about leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of sustainability.

We welcome Mandi as she leads us on this transformative journey towards a future defined by high-performance building practices and enduring sustainability.

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