We are excited to launch the HPBA Green Hub, which is coming soon. The Green Hub is a new sustainability and innovation enterprise centre located in Senan House, an A rated commercial building in Enniscorthy Technology Park. Sustainability is in our DNA and we have applied a sustainable and circular economy approach to the fit out. We will be sharing our journey right here on the website, with all the highs and lows of trying to take the most sustainable approach in a commercial world, so keep checking in to find out more!

We are delighted to say that work has commenced on the fit out of our Green Hub. Meet Renobuild a local firm, who are polishing our natural concrete floor. 

Case Study: High Performance Building Alliance Project 2024

In 2024, the High Performance Building Alliance (HPBA), commissioned the Renobuild team to undertake a polished concrete job in Enniscorthy. The project involved polishing an area of approximately 500 square meters. The initial inspection revealed that the existing concrete, covered with a levelling compound, was generally in good condition. However, unforeseen complications arose due to the levelling compound and the logistical challenges of working in an occupied building.

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Our Mission Statement

The High Performance Building Alliance DAC (HPBA) is an Irish Government and UNECE approved Centre of Excellence, dedicated to addressing climate change through industry informed research and upskilling, to optimise the sustainability of the built environment. Our mission is to actively contribute to the global effort in addressing climate change by fostering industry-informed research and responding to the challenge by providing upskilling opportunities. The HPBA is committed to optimising the sustainability of the built environment through strategic initiatives, innovation, communication and collaborative efforts.