We are delighted to share that the High Performance Building Alliance has committed to signing an updated MOU with the UNECE which will be in place for a minimum of two years from 2023.

Our responsibilities under this MOU are:

Support and convene opportunities to dialogue amongst local and international leaders in the real estate, construction, design and engineering industry to identify challenges, share best practice and build a growing and diverse knowledge community.

Gather and disseminate knowledge directly to key industry professionals and partners and through partner organisations.

Develop tools and training in industry best and next practices; identify potential barriers to adoption and implementation and develop innovative strategies and solutions.

Catalyse, create and nurture public support and demand for industry standards through public outreach events and initiatives.

Connect industry professionals to energy efficiency methods, practices, products and solutions, through education, training, technical assistance and research.

As one of the international centres of excellence, we will identify opportunities to promote and promulgate, navigate barriers to adoption, broker relationships and showcase best practices through partners, projects, data and performance statistics.

Develop means and methods to support industry professionals to implement and adopt measures and best practices to save energy and reduce building based carbon emmisions

Seek collaboration opportunities on relevant matters with other networks active in the area of efficiency through the built environment.